David Michael Bigeleisen

Mr. Bigeleisen brings over forty years of experience to each of his cases.

He began his career in New York City with Gilbert Rosenthal, the former president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. They worked together on the preparation and the trial of a tax fraud case in United States District Court.

Mr. Bigeleisen’s work caught the eye of a Wall Street tax lawyer. He joined the Wall Street firm. He worked on tax fraud, commercial fraud, securities fraud and commodities matters. The lessons he learned on Wall Street have served his clients in white collar cases ever since.

In the summer of 1976, Mr. Bigeleisen moved his practice to San Francisco. One of his first projects was to help to obtain the release of Black Panther leader, Eldridge Cleaver.

Today, he represents clients in a broad range of criminal matters. He is interested in white collar cases such as bank fraud, securities fraud, anti-trust and fraudulent documents cases and in sex cases, including child molesting, child pornography, rape and sexual battery.  Mr. Bigeleisen also handles cases of homicide, manslaughter, burglary, robbery, spousal abuse, arson and driving under the influence.

Mr. Bigeleisen is a leader in the legal profession. He has presented and supported legislation to end the death penalty, to decriminalize prostitution and to provide rehabilitation instead of punishment for people who should not be in jail at all.

The work is done both in and out of the courtroom. He is highly regarded by judges and other lawyers. His passionate attitude toward his clients is reflected in the way he helps them to rebuild their lives so they are not accused of the crime a second time. The work starts long before the client goes to court.