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Most of my clients are referred to me by other attorneys. 
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If you don’t practice criminal law, you can make well meaning errors that make defense of the client more difficult. Some of them may accidentally make you a witness against the client. You should advise the client not to discuss the case with anyone other than the criminal defense attorney. You should obtain representation for the client immediately.

It is often critical to act very quickly in criminal cases. From the moment the client or his family calls you, it is very important to act with skill and judgment. For more information on this, see my article “That 3:00 a.m. Phone Call.”

Civil attorneys can make many innocent mistakes while trying to help a client, a friend or a relative until a criminal defense attorney is hired. For some examples, see my articles entitled:

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Yikes - They’re Searching Your Client’s Computer

Under People v. Gionis (1995) 9 Cal.4th 1196, once you tell the arrested person that you are not going to represent them, there is no attorney client privilege. Once again, you may accidentally become a witness against the client.

Your first job is to tell the accused that you will try to locate criminal defense counsel. Reiterate very strongly that the accused is NOT TO TALK TO ANYONE about the alleged offense before speaking with criminal defense counsel. Call me day or night at 415-957-1717.

Why Me?

I have represented the accused since 1975 in New York and in California since 1976. I know my way around the criminal courts and the jails and the bail bond people. I am used to calming people in jail, talking to worried relatives, presenting the O.R. requests. From Federal Court to Superior Court, I have the experience to do what is right by the accused.

Besides my experience in actual criminal defense, I have spoken and written and otherwise been involved in a myriad of professional activities. Click Here for my resume.

Types of Crimes

A criminal defense attorney has to be ready to defend all sorts of crimes. Over the course of my career, I have acquired a lot of experience in the following:

  • White Collar Crimes, such as embezzlement, perjury, securities, tax, mail, internet
  • Sex Crimes, such as rape, child molestation, pornography
  • Vehicular Crimes, such as drunk driving, manslaughter, suspended license